Rob’s Blog: Last Call

One week from today is this year’s All British Car Day.

On Sunday, the 26th, anyone with any British car who wants to enter the event is invited to sign up and join with others to share stories, and revel in the company of like-minded British car owners. You don’t have to be a club member to participate.

Register to participate in the show:

It isn’t a show, but rather a gathering of people who just like British cars and want to get together at least once a year. Entry is free to the public. There is always the Peoples Choice Award presented to the car everyone likes the best, for whatever reason, plus this year’s recipient of the Anastasia Cup. This annual award goes to a club member who has supported the club, its members, and has displayed unconditional encouragement to all of us. Believe me when I say this year’s recipient is way over due for recognition. 

If you want to participate in the caravan through Waikiki from Ala Moana Shopping Center to Kapiolani Park, meet outside of Macy’s on the second level from the top, no later than 8:45 a.m. If no one is there, that means we already left, or you are on the wrong level. 

After the show, about noon, we will proceed to Gordon Biersch for awards, a gift raffle, and lunch.  This is when you can use your $5 lunch credit coupon. Don’t forget to pick up your T-shirt at the park with the other coupon included in the entry envelope if you sign up for the deluxe entry. 

One last note: It isn’t too early to program your DVR to record the Indy 500. I suggest tacking on an extra half hour in case it runs over-time. 

See you all this Sunday.


Rob Cowie wins the 2018 BCCH Karting Grand Prix

BCCH Karting Grand Prix

The spring 2018 BCCH Karting Grand Prix was held Tuesday, May 9, at the K1  track in Kapolei, and the dozen BCCH members who came out had a great time. H1 westbound traffic was surprisingly light for those leaving the Honolulu  area around 6:00 PM, with the predictable slow down past Aiea.

The track was quiet when we arrived at 7:00 PM, but business picked up and a few other small groups arrived to join in the fun and excitement. Our party was grouped into two, those who had karted before, and those who had not. President Brett, a former karting champ, worked with the helpful K1 staff to keep our party together, and our races well-organized. In keeping with the GP format, each group raced three 16 lap sessions: practice, qualifying, and race. Each session was gridded by the fastest time in the previous session.

In the first timers group, we had three spirited women who put their newly found racing skills into action against three guys, and their races had plenty of action, with a few spins for good measure. Dave came out on top  at the checkered flag, but was closely followed by Suzanne Sortor and Michael Rowe who battled for second.

In the experienced group, two ‘senior’ members locked out the front row in qualifying. The race turned out to be anything but a procession, as Patrick, the pole sitter, was spun on the first lap when tagged from behind, dropping him from the lead to 5th out of six places. He managed to claw his way back up through the pack to finish second, behind an uncatchable Rob Cowie, who took the checkered flag first, and had the evening’s best lap time for our group.

I think it is safe to say, based on the smiles and laughter heard afterwards, there will be a re-match to be scheduled, not to mention the fact that there were several interested members who were off island for this event. Stay Tuned!

Rob’s Blog: Everyone Loves a Parade

Photo of the Kailua July 4th Parade

Here is a chance to abuse your car to it’s thermal limits. Nothing like a parade on a nice, hot, July afternoon to get the fluids flowing all over the radiator and out onto the ground.

On the brighter side, you get to meet lots of nice people along the parade route. Maybe some of them will help push your car off to a side street when it overheats.

Do I like parades? “Yes”. Do I think sixty year old, coolant challenged, British cars should be subjected to parades, “No.”

In case you feel differently than I do, and in fairness to everyone who feels differently, I have forwarded the following email from Fred Weisberger (Antique Automobile Club of America) and the Kailua 4th of July parade organizers to all of you. If you decide to participate, have a great time and do the club right. We’ll reserve a tech session for you sometime in the near future.

Aloha, Rob

Hi Car Folk,

The Exchange Club of Downtown Honolulu (similar to Rotary) is participating in the Kailua 4th of July Parade–the oldest and largest such parade in Hawaii!

The Exchange Club will be distributing 2,500 small American flags to people along the parade route. The Exchange Club is looking for six or seven antique cars to carry older members and the boxes of flags. I will be participating with one of my antique cars, so we are still looking for another six or so cars.

We will first meet at my house and then drive to the staging location as a group. This a fun parade with literally thousands of friendly spectators lining the 1 1/2 mile parade route–and they love our antique cars!

The unit is near the front of the parade, so it should move quickly and be a lot of fun for all. More information to follow. If you are interested in participating the 2017 Kailua 4th of July Parade, please contact me.

Fred Weisberger
Phone: (h) 254-0392 / (c) 354-4644

Rob’s Blog: Celebrating 25 Years of British Cars

At the All British Car Day in 2016
Cars and Coffee Kapahulu May 24, 2015

If you have attended an All British Car Day in the past, either as an owner or a spectator, you know it is the biggest British car event in Hawaii. This year will be no exception. On Sunday, May 28th, Memorial Day weekend, British cars of all kinds will gather at Kapiolani Park and invite the public to have a look.

If you plan on entering your car in this great event, here is how the day will play out.

First, you are encouraged to send in the registration form (see below) and sign up for either the basic $10, or deluxe $25, entry.

On the morning of the event, arrive at the middle parking level of the Ala Moana Shopping Center, the Diamond Head end, near Macy’s, no later than 8:30 a.m. The easiest way to get there is to take the parking ramp off of Atkinson Drive (next to the Ala Moana Hotel) and go to the second level. At 8:45 we will leave the parking lot and caravan our way through Waikiki to the venue at Kapiolani Park.

Upon arriving at the park, you will be directed to the area designated for your make of car. After parking, proceed to the registration desk to pick up your packet.

The show is free to the public and will continue until noon. At that time everyone with a deluxe registration is invited to caravan to the Morgan Estate in Manoa for a catered lunch, the gift raffle, presentation of awards and more car talk. One of the “perks” of the deluxe registration is a $5 voucher redeemable towards your lunch. The actual cost of the catered lunch is still to be determined, but you can bet it will be delicious, and well worth the cost. Especially when the club is paying you back five dollars.

It’s always fun to see a few “new” cars that have been hidden away suddenly appear out of nowhere that day. Remember, your car doesn’t have to be a show car, or even running. It just has to be British.

This would be the perfect place to sell your classic, or maybe buy another one. If you have any question about this event, don’t hesitate calling me.

The suggested deadline for registering is two weeks from today, Wednesday, May 24th, so don’t put it off.

Aloha, Rob

2017 All British Car Day registration form

Celebrating British Cars at Kapiolani Park

1963 Austin Healey 3000 MkII - Sergio Cocchia photo
Sergio Cocchia photographing his children with the Austin Healey

British car owners carefully prepare their vehicles each year for the Annual All British Car Day. It’s a day to celebrate the heritage of automobiles from the United Kingdom. This year’s event, held Sunday, May 29, marked the 24th annual gathering hosted by the British Car Club of Hawaii.

The day began with a parade that started from the Ala Moana Center along Ala Moana Boulevard—proudly motoring through Kalakaua Avenue, up Monsarrat Avenue, and ending at Kapiolani Park.

Some of the finest cars in the world assembled in the park beneath Diamond Head in the background, including vehicles manufactured by Aston Martin, Triumph, MG, Rolls Royce, Austin Healey, Jaguar, Lotus, Ford, Morgan, Land Rover, McClaren and Mini Cooper.

As the event is held in Waikiki the car show has its fair share of visitors from around the world. It’s merely a block or two from many hotels and makes for a nice Sunday morning stroll. Some visitors make it a point to include the show in their annual visits to Hawaii.

David Alexander and Brett Pruitt photo
David Alexander and Brett Pruitt

This year, David Alexander, a past president of the MG Car Club of Florida, visited and spent time chatting with many of the Hawaii MG owners.

Ballots are cast throughout the morning for visitors to vote for their favorite cars. This year, the People’s Choice Winner was awarded to Bob DeWitz for this 1933 MG J2.

1933 MG J2 - Bob Dewitz photo
Brett Pruitt presents the People’s Choice Award to Bob Dewitz.

The show closed at noon and members and guests met again at the Gordon Biersch Restaurant at the Aloha Tower Marketplace. This time, for refreshments, lunch, camaraderie, door prizes and the Anastasia Cup Award presentation.

The Anastasia Cup, this year, was presented to Ron McPherson.

Link to view photos of the 2016 All British Car Day here.