Rob’s Blog: British Car Club of Hawaii Polo Shirt

Our club secretary Dave Luengen is taking orders for anyone interested in purchasing an official British Car Club of Hawaii polo shirts.

He has constructed a chart showing available sizes and colors. All shirts come with the club logo.

I know from having bought my own that these are well made and will last for a long time. I also know from experience that white shirts have a tendency to “suck” dirt and grease from the surroundings and are especially difficult to keep clean. But that’s just me.

These will make a great gift for birthdays, Father’s Day (June 18th) or just because you like or need a nice shirt.

Call Dave and order a couple. Have a great week.

Aloha, Rob

Here are the size and color options for the official British Car Club Hawaii polo shirt:

This logo is embroidered on the left front of the shirt.

The colors are: orange, light blue, lime green, kelly green, gold, dark green, mint, white, pale yellow, black, burgundy, navy, charcoal, royal blue, purple, red, bright blue and teal.

$42 for sizes small, medium, large, extra large
+$2.00 2XL
+$3.00 3XL
+$3.00 4XL
+$4.00 5XL
+$4.00 6XL

If you are interested in one, please let Dave know by calling him at 808-674-1418 by April 14, 2017.