Rob’s Blog: A Call for Old and Luxurious British Cars

Morris Minor automobile image

If you want to make your car famous, here is your chance. The club has been contacted by a local production company for a local photo shoot. They are looking for “old, luxury cars.”

In my book, the words “old” and “luxury” are both subjective, and could apply to almost any of our cars. That being said, I’m pretty sure an old Rolls Royce would have a better chance than an old VW. I’m encouraging all of you to submit a picture, or two, of your British car for consideration.

I will forward them to the agent in charge, and he will select four or five cars to use. The date will be on, or about, July 17th. The probable location will be the West side of  Oahu, near Yokohama Bay.

He told me it isn’t necessary to have the car in running order, but you would be responsible for getting it to the site, and home afterwards. The shoot will be still shots and no driving will be involved. There is a budget, but he didn’t give any dollar amount for your time or effort. If you have any idea what the going rate might be, please let me know.

I’ll try to answer any questions and will do my best to “sell” our cars to the company.

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