Rob’s Blog: What’s Not to Like?

Possible stocking stuffer for a British car person.
Possible stocking stuffer for a British car person.

After receiving several calls over the years asking for help getting rid of old MGBs, I’ve come to the indisputable conclusion MGBs are the old wooden boats of the automobile world. There are lots of them, don’t seem to be worth much in good condition and almost nothing in poor condition.

This morning I received the latest call from an elderly owner asking for, you guessed it, help getting rid of his old MGB. Like so many, it has been sitting outside in the weather, waiting patiently to be restored to its original condition. The expression, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” is never more tested than when an owner gazes lovingly at his rusty pile of sheet metal and sees only shiny curves of what it looked like driving off the showroom floor so many years before.

My rusty hulk of sheet metal was my original owner, 1971 VW bus, so I speak with some authority on the subject. Valuable for parts only and not too many of them went unscathed by the ravages of the Hawaiian weather. The latest offering can be seen in the Craigslist ad included below.

After spending time talking to the owner, Chester, I was almost seeing his car through the same rose colored glasses he was. Then I looked it up on Craigslist and was jolted back to a rusty reality. Let’s just say it is a good deal for the dedicated car enthusiast with lots of time on their hands. You be the judge.

It is a complete car with lots of good, spare parts included, and for that reason alone worth considering. Also included is a 1974 Austin Marina engine, a two speed automatic transmission, and even a custom made tow bar. What’s not to like?

Call Chester at either of his two numbers and get the full story. His cell number is 808-421-7765 and his (more preferred) home number is 808-737-3930

See all of you at the Christmas lunch this Sunday the 17th.


Link to Chester’s Craigslist ad: